Blond-ish – A Blondie Experience is a quintet out of Houston, Tx that pays homage to the Grammy winning and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame music icon: Blondie.

Blondie were known as pioneers in the mid-late 70s punk and new wave scene eventually incorporating the elements of disco, pop and even some rap in the ensuing years spawning several number 1 hits.  Celebrating their music catalog through high energy live performance, Blond-ish covers tunes from the debut album “Blondie” through their 7th release “No Exit”, truly delivering the sound and essence of Blondie in their prime.

Upcoming Shows 2022

Sunday Funday!

Past Shows

May 5, 2022 – Rise Rooftop Houston, TX

December 17, 2021 – Pub 529 Houston, TX

December 3, 2021 – Continental Club Houston, TX

September 25, 2021 – Scout Bar Kemah, TX

June 12, 2021 – Brewster Street Icehouse Downtown Corpus Christi, TX

June 5, 2021 – House of Blues Dallas, TX

May 28, 2021 – House of Blues Houston, TX

April 24, 2021 – Rockefeller’s Houston, TX

Backstage at RISE Rooftop

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